M2U|Sales is a software solution intended for companies with field sales forces, who need access from anywhere to critical information to maximize the result of their sales activity. This solution is highly customizable and adaptable to the specific needs of each customer. All the information and business rules available in M2U|Sales mobile application are imported from the company’s ERP, from which the data related to products, customers, price lists and discounts, unsettled documents, document history and others are synchronized. Documents created by the sales representatives, according to the rules defined by the company, are integrated into the ERP seamlessly.

The M2U|Sales solution is a privileged tool for your sales team to access a complete set of information maintained in your ERP. Comprehensive product and customer information are continuously imported so that it can be quickly consulted in the mobile application, as well as detailed price lists, promotions, contracts and documents pending settlement. Documents created by the sales representatives (orders, receipts, budgets, etc.) are automatically integrated into the management system as they are received on the server, and orders are immediately available to be handled by picking systems such as M2U|Logistics.


The M2U|Sales mobile application implements business rules defined on the ERP, as well as others whose definition results from the implementation process, which can include client route definitions, allowable discount templates, document types and rows allowable, customized information to be presented or collected, among others.


View the sales force daily activity and detailed visit reports using M2U|Sales Explorer. See all the prospects created by the sales team. Check cash movements made and the  epresentation expenses registered.In addition, M2U|Sales Explorer is the tool to configure general settings of the mobile application, besides allowing the exploration of the daily and visit reports of the sellers, created prospects and cash maps regarding the amounts received. This tool allows configuration of accesses so that each functionality is presented only to the  relevant users.


Fully adaptable to customer processes

A differentiator feature of the M2U|Sales solution is the fact of being very flexible. It can be fully customized to fit each customer business processes and rules, while remaining as a standard application, with reduced maintenance costs and most important without compromising its future evolution to new features and platforms.

Integration with your ERP

The architecture of the solution was designed to support connectivity with different ERPs, relying on the specific integration mechanisms provided by their manufacturers.

Moving2U works closely with the leading producers of management software, ensuring compatibility with new versions and product lines, as well as ensuring the integrity of the integration process and compliance with defined rules and tax regulations*.

* Updates are available to clients under warranty or a valid software maintenance agreement

The list of supported ERPs is being extended to support more products. Please contact us to know if your ERP is already supported or if you would like us to support the ERP your company is using or developing.

List of compatible ERPs

PHC® (Corporate, Advanced e Executive)
Primavera ERP® (Professional e Executive)
SAP® (Business One e R/3)
Sage X3®


100% Offline
Given that Internet connectivity is still not guaranteed everywhere, M2U|Sales mobile application stands out  ontinuing to work in full, even when there is no data connection, ensuring full autonomy and speed of operation. Documents and other operations performed are automatically uploaded to the server when internet connectivity is reestablished.

Synchronization Mechanism

The application uses a custom optimized synchronization mechanism, capable of delivering to each device only pertinent information to its user, minimizing synchronization times and volumes of data transferred. This mechanism can be hosted either on its own servers or in SQL Database on the Microsoft Azure PaaS

Supported Platforms and Requirements

The server infrastructure can be installed on physical or virtualized servers with Windows operating system and SQL Server 2008R2 or later (Express versions supported), with the hardware requirements recommended by Microsoft. It can also be installed on Microsoft Azure PaaS offer.

M2U|Sales mobile application can be installed natively on Android (smartphone and tablet) and Windows 10 devices (smartphone, tablet and PC). Different types of equipment can coexist among
different users. The same rules and principles of operation are guaranteed in the different types of equipment supported, while the application’s look&feel for each platform matches the UX guidelines of each of them.


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